Saturday, November 11, 2017

More summer memories

July was such a fun month, we had so many little trips planned and in between all of them we soaked up every second of fun in our pool. 
While we loved the diving board, we decided it was time to step up our pool game and put in a kick ass slide...

 Kidding! Ha...totally kidding. These pictures of from our weekend in Pronghorn with the Inukai's. They have a gorgeous house there and the club has a fabulous pool that the girls love to play in.

 We also worked in some time to paddle board on the river!

 And it wouldn't be a complete Pronghorn trip without going to Claire's and the candy store...hope these girls know how spoiled they are ;)
 We came back in time for the 4th of July and enjoyed festivities in Oak Hills where the Asbury's live...

The headphones are a huge life saver with my girls, the fireworks are way too loud for them and with these babies on they can enjoy the show without being terrified of each boom

 Oak Hills puts on quite the firework show, we will definitely go back next year..although we will park outside of the neighborhood and walk in because it took us about an hour just to get out of there.
Penny and Reese at Bennett's baseball game

 Our next big event in July was the Tegner kids birthdays! We always love heading down to see family and what better reason than birthdays.
They see me rollin...

"Come on Zoey, put your back into it!" 

Aunt Jenny and baby Abel, those cheeks and chin have us constantly kissing him!

He is so smiley!

Zoey loving on Abel

I love him

Grandpa is happiest when he's surround by his kids and grandkids

Was that the end to our July full of traveling? 
We also did our first camping trip of the summer to 3 creeks lake! It is our favorite spot and it did not disappointment this year, we had a gorgeous view of snowy Broken Top.

 Despite the warm temperatures, we did endure 2 nights of ridiculous wind. I wish I could describe just how crazy and strong the wind was pointless to have a fire because it would shoot horizontal therefore losing the heat that it would normally provide. While "sleeping" at night, we were convinced multiple times that "this was it, we are going to get blown away, at least we're all together."
You think I'm exaggerating but it was insane. We just happened to be in the path of the wind and for some reason it was relentless for 2 days straight.

 We made the best of it and the next 2 nights it was substantially better.
We hiked up Tam McArthur ridge, Brian and Bria made it all the way to the top (2.5 miles up! and then 2.5 miles back down) and Reese and I made it nearly 2 miles up before her little legs decided it was time to rest. Which was totally fine and still incredibly impressive.

Admiring the gorgeous view

Heart lake, where we camped

 We took a canoe out on the lake for the afternoon and had a fabulous time. It was pretty hot but one dip in that cold lake and you're good for awhile. Bria jumped in twice, Reese watched. :)

LOVE my family so much

Bria taking out her paddle board

She did awesome
 On the third day we were joined by the Asbury's and the girls were thrilled that Penny was there!

Capturing the romantic sunset :)

My Larky :)

Sisters and best friends...most the time ;)

Alright, so those were the places we went in July, but we also did lots of swimming in the backyard...
Weston going hardcore with a front flip into the pool

Bennett with the dive

Bria the spider girl

Reese with the regular jump

Liam and Bria

Cloey and Reese

Little sisters jumping in together

Liam front flipping!

These two make a pretty darn cute couple

These four have such a blast together (their Dad is Bruce, Brian's friend he met at Intel)

Gracie came over for an afternoon to soak up some sunshine

Amanda knows me well :)

Top Golf with the Jensen's and Armstrong's

Okay so now July is summed up...very summed up. If I tried to go into detail than I would never catch up and I'd really like to catch up at some point :)

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